Friday, 6 March 2015

Free on Friday

Welcome to another Free on Friday.  I am just off to my craft room so I shall probably do another posting over the weekend.  Here are your free images for today:

I just love the colours in these images.

Isn't this a lovely image!  Now I am turning the laptop off and heading for my craft room, so till later, take care x

Friday, 27 February 2015

More Love Scrapbooking and Three Free on Friday

Continuing from the last post with challenges at Go Digital Scrapbooking these are the ones that feature my husband, my own true Valentine!  I do find it a little limiting entering challenges on the various scrapbook sites as they ask that you use their products (understandably), when I like to use my own stuff, but I like being part of a friendly site.  There are mini kits for taking part in the challenges, plenty of inspiration and even games!

This one I am entering into the challenge at Inspiration Journal 

Now for Free on Friday:

Digital mode for Go Digital Scrapbooking

At Go Digital Scrapbooking there are a variety of challenges and there is also a challenge to complete 7 challenges in the month!  I flipped into digital mode this month and completed 9 challenges! The focus of most of the challenges was "Love" as you will see today and tomorrow.  The first picture shows a "cut out" technique that is actually a top layer.  The second one was for a colour challenge using specific colours.

Till tomorrow, take care x

Friday, 20 February 2015

Free on Friday

Two vintage bulb pictures and two Briggs embroidery pictures for you today.  I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Till next time, take care x

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Happy Valentine's Day.

Please note this image is not free 

Happy Valentine's Day to you all.  I am doing a challenge for Creating the Crafty Life.  The challenge is to do a valentine Postcard using a Victorian scrap.  I was going to do this for my husband, but didn't get it done in time so he had to make do with "one I made earlier"!   This is being entered in Quirky Challenges and Allsorts Challenges

I thought I would do a birthday card version as well.

                            Please note this image is not free 

Hoping you have a great weekend, until next time, take care x

Friday, 13 February 2015

Challenge at GDS and Free on Friday

I took part in the challenge at Mixed Media Cafe at GoDigitalScrapbooking.  The challenge was to create something with a flip - something that made sense when turned around. The quote is "Faith is believing even when your world is upside down"
There are lots of great challenges there so check it out for yourself :)    Well it is Free on Friday and here are your free images:

Slightly early for daffodils yet, but I hope you like them.  Until next time, take care x

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Scripture Cards (2)

These are my new set of Scripture cards that I have done as part of the challenge set up by Patter at Triple The Scraps.  They are all the same size even though I didn't line them neatly for the photograph - note to self - do better next time!

I have used 4 different serviettes/paper napkins in this set.  I have a growing collection of packets of serviettes.  I often buy them at garden centres as they seem to have a good selection.  When I made my first set I carefully chose my backing paper and then gessoed over it!  This time I just picked one.  I stick the cards to the backing paper and then trim them, but next time I might try cutting the backing paper into the right size first.  Then I gessoed over them - I just love gesso!  With some of these I have covered the piece with a serviette layer and with some I have added several pieces.  You don't need to be too fussy in your cutting as if the background area of your serviette is white, it doesn't show.  With some of these there are 2 layers of serviettes.  I have also used some scraps of lace and 2 different washi tape.  Most serviettes/paper napkins are made up of 2 - 3 layers.  They are sealed at the edges so you need to cut an edge off to peel away the top layer.  Sometimes the 2nd layer has a faint image and can be used as a background.  Obviously one layer tears easily, but when wet it will disintegrate if you try to move it.  I put a thin layer of glue down first and because the paper is so thin, that is all it needs.  If you have missed a spot, go over the area with more glue.  Be careful not to drag the brush or you will tear the image.

Remember I was going to a craft show last week?  I had a lovely time.  These are some of my goodies:

Would you believe a £1 stall at a craft show?  Here are the items I bought there:

Till next time, take care x