Friday, 28 August 2015

Faith Art

My latest Faith Art

Free on Friday and more!

My darling daughter has two infections, one on the top part of her body and one on the legs :(  Yesterday she had two biopsies done and was feeling very unhappy so I sent her a text sending hugs (I didn't want to telephone in case she was sleeping)  In typical fashion she replied by asking how I was!  Trying to make her smile, I sent the following texts, it is only funny because I am never well!

 Healthy as a hippopotamus
As right as a rhinoceros
As fit as a feather
As strong as a strawberry
As energetic as an egg.

Then I decided to do a few drawings!

Something a bit different for you this week :)

Here is something else a bit different.  Maybe a little earlier for Halloween, but this skull is from a photograph of a marble tombstone I took last week.  Here it is, the top one is slightly more grungy!

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Friday, 21 August 2015

Free on Friday

Free Digital Stamps closes down this week, I would like to say a  big thank you for all the visitors they have sent to my blog.  If you have come from there please follow me at Facebook or follow me below. even better do both!

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Wavy Lines

The line challenge over at Kath's is finished, but I am still experimenting,  here is what I have been working on today.  The bottom picture says "party" to me,they look like coloured streamers for birthday or Christmas.  Tomorrow I want to work on these a little more and create a couple of cards.  I am still finalizing the design in the top one.  Have a try at these wavy lines yourself and see what you come up.

It has been raining all day today, so hoping for some sunshine tomorrow, take care x

Monday, 17 August 2015

Dotted Lines in my Faith Art

It is the last day for Kath's first Pop Up Challenge and today I have gone quite dotty.  I have been using a Liquidly free ink roller for my lettering.  I have found if they are used in an unpainted area (ie making contact with the gesso) they bleed so I need to make sure I don't use them in such areas!  Now - believe it or not! - I started with a gold metallic marker pen on the large letters, then used a red as I didn't like the gold, then a blue as I didn't like the red!  This is fairly typical of my work!  It is at this point I reach for the baby wipes or stick with it.  I like the effect of the blue over the red.  I used the gold and the blue for my dots,

I am the Light - Faith Art

I did the top picture on Sunday and decided to add some colour to it after I had taken this picture.  I used a Papermania glitter marker.  I have had difficulty using these, but discovered if I kept shaking them they worked.  Unfortunately I didn't forsee the possibility they might leak.  So I ended up with blobs on my work and one on my white skirt!  I cleaned off the effected area with a baby wipe, and washed my skirt!  The mark came out of my skirt and I repainted the background colour that had come off.  Deciding not to use the marker again, I redid the middle (second picture).  I made several "World's" before I used the first one I made, screwing it up to give it some texture.  The differences in the dark colour are due to the lighting at different times.

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Friday, 14 August 2015

More Lines

Sometimes you just want to keep going:)  I had another go at the line challenge at The Daily Marker.  I did wavy lines this time, I used crayons, went over them with markers to give more depth, then I added gold metallic marker.  I like this better.