Thursday, 17 April 2014

Thursday Freebies

A very Happy Easter to you all

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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Having a great day!

I am having a great day today.  Went to a lovely church service this morning,  There was a procession after church with a beautiful donkey, it was not going to be a long walk, but too much for me.  I loved seeing and stroking the donkey.  I had a great chat with my brother in Australia - of course it is nice and warm over there!

Here are some pictures of my latest project at the Journal Group  We had to alter a children's board book, with the theme "Four Seasons"

You might notice Autumn is missing.  I was not so pleased with Autumn.  I had several attempts to get it to my satisfaction, never mind, can't win them all!  I found some lovely bird pictures I thought I would share with you.

Free Bird Picture PU

See you soon

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Thursday freebies on a Saturday?

Well I am really late with the Thursday freebies this time.  When you hear about my week I am sure you will forgive me.  I told you about saying goodbye to Megan, this week I had to say goodbye to my last canary who was positively ancient!  He had had a stroke and lost the use of his foot.  Then Holly managed to slice the top of her wart like growth on her shoulder, so the next day she had to have an operation to remove it completely.  At the moment Jack is fine and so is Annie.  My grandson was christened last weekend and we had a houseful.  My husband's parents stayed with us for a week.  All in all I hope you will agree life has been hectic and forgive me for being late.  I have often thought if I scheduled my freebies it would save fretting about them.  Maybe I will.

The last pages of my flyer journal.

  Followed by your freebies:

Please name your files Craftingwithjack so you know where they came from, they are PU only.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Thursday Freebies and Christmas Junk Flyer Journal.

Here are the first pages of my Christmas junk flyer journal. Look at the top two images, they are of the same page.  The first one I hand wrote the word "Joy". the second one I replaced the hand written words for printed ones.  I prefer the second one.
For this journal I am tying each double page to the spine.  So the inside of the pages I have done some double page spreads, but on the back are single page spreads.  I started off by sorting out some Christmas papers and pictures, then I looked for Christmas quotes on the Internet.

When my grand daughters come visiting their craft work ends up on my fridge.  
Here are two more butterfly freebies for you.  I just love these butterfly pictures. Please name your files with "CraftingWithJack PU" so you remember where you got them from.  I would love to know how you have used them so please send me links to your work. 

See you next time xx

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Latest Art Journal pages and two more butterfly freebies.

I made a double page spread or should I say a page and a half as I have left some of the original pictures in my book.  I change my mind several times, covering up some pictures with others.  The peacock is a symbol of the resurrection and butterflies are symbolic of the changed Christian who is born again.  I can't say I set out to use them as symbols, but I was working next to a picture of the Last Supper.  Two more butterfly pictures for you.  Are you enjoying these?

I will be back soon to show you pages of my celebration (junk flyer) journal.  I am doing a Christmas theme and have been busy sorting out some stuff today.

Friday, 28 March 2014

Art Journal from junk mail and freebies.

In the Journal Mania group at Paper Digital Art and Images by Kim we are making a journal out of junk mail.  You can use a flyer or any kind junk mail that comes through your door.  We were given this link .  I watched the tutorial, but I didn't fancy doing it much. In the video, paper towels that had been used for mopping up paint, wiping paint from hands etc. were used and this was the bit I didn't fancy.  Here's what I did:
First I took the staples out of a flyer, I covered the pages front and back with some scrapbook paper I didn't want (free from a magazine).  Some of theses pages I tore into strips and glued these strips onto other pages.  I did this to strengthen the pages and give some texture.  Next I ironed the pages (when dry) , trimmed the edges and scored down the middle.  Next I cut one of the pages down the middle and set the pieces aside for the cover.  All the remaining pages were covered in gesso and when dry placed under something heavy to flatten them.
For the cover, I made a cover with a spine.  YouTube abounds with tutorials and I had watched quite a few, some months ago.  Here is a link to a great tutorial and this lady has lots of them.  However wide your spine is going to be, you cut the strip and place into between the two cover pieces, making sure you leave a slight gully either side for ease of folding.  I placed all these pieces onto a piece of wallpaper, folded over the edges (taking the excess off the corners) and placed another piece on top to finish it off.

We are meant to be using the theme of special occasions to fill the journal pages.

Come back tomorrow if you would like another butterfly freebie.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Goodbye Megan

This week started off well, we had friends visiting at the weekend and it was fun.  Monday of course I was exhausted.  Monday afternoon I noticed Megan was very unsteady on her feet and walking into walls and furniture. I called my husband and we watched her, we looked at each other and knew it was time.  We were blessed with Megan in 1998 from a rescue centre, we were told she was about two.  None of the others we had seen had caught my eye, but when I saw her I knew straight away.  My husband got our other dogs out of the car so they could all meet.  Megan did not seem too pleased to meet them, but I was sure everything would be fine.  They were fine, they learnt to give Megan some distance if she wanted space!  She was a people person or a people dog!  Megan never got the art of playing.  She would initiate play, the others would readily oblige and then suddenly she would snap at them - never coming into contact.   
We said goodbye to Megan Tuesday afternoon.

Join  me tomorrow for more art journal stuff and a freebie or two.