Friday, 27 November 2015

Free on Friday - Snowflake or sun!

Happy Thanksgiving xx  A late post today - sorry!  Teresa asked me for another medalion type design.  This brand new design lends itself to being a snowflake or a sun motif.  The bottom design is in png format, I do hope you all like it xx

Crafting With Jack Snowflake

Crafting With Jack Snowflake embellishment

Please leave me love so I know you called by xx

I have entered my snowflake embellishment in the following challenges:

Friday, 20 November 2015

Free on Friday

For you today I have medallion that I designed a while ago. I have slightly changed the diamonds as I thought the lines were too heavy.

I also have the Queen of Hearts which you can add a face to, for your own projects.

See you next time x

Friday, 13 November 2015

Free on Friday and PU/CU explanation

Today I have a design with the phrase "What goes around comes around"  It has been designed by me and is PU.  A couple of people have asked me what PU means, so here is the explanation:

PU means for your personal use only, CU means commercial use so you can sell it.  The term applies mostly to graphic designs that you buy or get for free online.   Some naughty people - referred to as Pirates! - take other people's stuff and put it on their own websites/blogs and either sell it or give it away.   If you put PU on items, it doesn't always stop the naughty people, but informs others that they can only use it for themselves.   The designs I get from other sites which allow me to alter the design,  are not mine unless I have done considerable work on them to alter them so I like to remind people they can only use them for personal use.  Public Domain items are often sold by companies on CD and online,  often they haven't actually done anything to improve them and yet still insist they "own" the designs and copyright them.  Any Public Domain image that you find on a site that says it is Public Domain, you are free to use or sell, but not otherwise.  To make matters more complicated, countries have their own copyright laws, so what is Public Domain in America is not necessarily Public Domain in the UK.

There are an amazing amount of talented people giving their designs away on the Internet, designs which may have taken them hours to do.  All they ask is for a nice comment in return.  If you have a particular design that you would to see here on Free on Friday, please let me know in the comments and I will do my best to oblige.  Take care x

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Aussie Annie

I was just visiting with Lady Anne at Google friends, she says apparently through no fault of her own Aussie Annie is having to start her blog all over again. So I am helping spread the word :) Maybe she will invite me to visit Australia, it's getting warm there:)

So pop over and visit them both.

Aussie Annie has Candy too!

Finished trucks and part altered mug tree.

My Santa Trucks are finished and I am really happy with them.  I used Christmas papers and stickers to decorate them.

I have decided to enter my trucks in the following challenges:

Something else I am doing is altering a mug tree.  I saw this one reduced in Homebase as one of the "arms" was missing.  I used stones from the garden.  I wasn't sure what would be strong enough so my husband used some sealant.  It is not finished yet, but I am already using it.  My scissors are nice and handy, I have put adhesive tape rolls on it and washi tape.  I also have put on it various jewellery and metal items.  The very big item on the base is a belt buckle.

A friend asked if she could copy my idea and of course I said yes.  She managed to get a metal mug tree from the charity shop and bought a bag of shiny pebbles from Dunelm.  I managed to get a metal one a few days later at a charity shop so I am thinking of putting the tape and washi rolls on that one.  My Christmas signature is probably a little early, but I am feeling festive with my Santa trucks:)

Friday, 6 November 2015

Free on Friday

Computers! Or should I say software?  Don't they drive you mad sometimes?   I downloaded Windows 10 and everything went well for a few days, then I had trouble starting my laptop.  I wasn't going to download Chrome again, but Blogger does not work in Windows 10.  So I am back with Chrome and Google.  I so prefer it to Bing!  Especially the image search.  On with the freebies :)

Edwina asked about silhouettes of couples.  So here they are are, first two couples dancing, these are PU only as they come from other sites.

This next image is from Gutenberg, this is the original.

I have tidied it up and enlarged it so again personal use only please.

Do you think they could be racing to the beach somewhere warm and sunny?  I hope you can use these images.  Have a great weekend and take care x

Monday, 2 November 2015

Update on my Christmas Trucks

I thought I would give you an update on my Christmas Trucks.  I am really enjoying working on these.

I have been using some self-adhesive Christmas embellishment sheets, but I have used extra PVA glue to hopefully make sure they stay stuck!

With Father Christmas' seat I used Christmas paper and brushed a little gold metallic paint over it when I had stuck it down.  I will be back tomorrow with another update.   Diana left me a message to stay she was having trouble finding the trucks.  I got mine at Hobbycraft, unfortunately they do not offer International delivery.  I had a quick look on Google and I couldn't find any others - sorry.
See you soon x