Friday, 28 March 2014

Art Journal from junk mail and freebies.

In the Journal Mania group at Paper Digital Art and Images by Kim we are making a journal out of junk mail.  You can use a flyer or any kind junk mail that comes through your door.  We were given this link .  I watched the tutorial, but I didn't fancy doing it much. In the video, paper towels that had been used for mopping up paint, wiping paint from hands etc. were used and this was the bit I didn't fancy.  Here's what I did:
First I took the staples out of a flyer, I covered the pages front and back with some scrapbook paper I didn't want (free from a magazine).  Some of theses pages I tore into strips and glued these strips onto other pages.  I did this to strengthen the pages and give some texture.  Next I ironed the pages (when dry) , trimmed the edges and scored down the middle.  Next I cut one of the pages down the middle and set the pieces aside for the cover.  All the remaining pages were covered in gesso and when dry placed under something heavy to flatten them.
For the cover, I made a cover with a spine.  YouTube abounds with tutorials and I had watched quite a few, some months ago.  Here is a link to a great tutorial and this lady has lots of them.  However wide your spine is going to be, you cut the strip and place into between the two cover pieces, making sure you leave a slight gully either side for ease of folding.  I placed all these pieces onto a piece of wallpaper, folded over the edges (taking the excess off the corners) and placed another piece on top to finish it off.

We are meant to be using the theme of special occasions to fill the journal pages.

Come back tomorrow if you would like another butterfly freebie.

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  1. This is so cool, Angela. I hopped right over there and joined the group. :)