Thursday, 3 April 2014

Thursday Freebies and Christmas Junk Flyer Journal.

Here are the first pages of my Christmas junk flyer journal. Look at the top two images, they are of the same page.  The first one I hand wrote the word "Joy". the second one I replaced the hand written words for printed ones.  I prefer the second one.
For this journal I am tying each double page to the spine.  So the inside of the pages I have done some double page spreads, but on the back are single page spreads.  I started off by sorting out some Christmas papers and pictures, then I looked for Christmas quotes on the Internet.

When my grand daughters come visiting their craft work ends up on my fridge.  
Here are two more butterfly freebies for you.  I just love these butterfly pictures. Please name your files with "CraftingWithJack PU" so you remember where you got them from.  I would love to know how you have used them so please send me links to your work. 

See you next time xx

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  1. Lovely pages, Angela. My fridge can look like that pretty quickly too since I teach in children's ministry. Children are very generous with their artwork. I saw something cool on Pinterest. You can make a magnetic frame out of a cereal box to use to display artwork on your fridge. You can even layer the art and display a different piece each day by moving the current piece to the back. It looks great with your decorated frame and it stays nice and flat on your fridge.