Saturday, 12 April 2014

Thursday freebies on a Saturday?

Well I am really late with the Thursday freebies this time.  When you hear about my week I am sure you will forgive me.  I told you about saying goodbye to Megan, this week I had to say goodbye to my last canary who was positively ancient!  He had had a stroke and lost the use of his foot.  Then Holly managed to slice the top of her wart like growth on her shoulder, so the next day she had to have an operation to remove it completely.  At the moment Jack is fine and so is Annie.  My grandson was christened last weekend and we had a houseful.  My husband's parents stayed with us for a week.  All in all I hope you will agree life has been hectic and forgive me for being late.  I have often thought if I scheduled my freebies it would save fretting about them.  Maybe I will.

The last pages of my flyer journal.

Please name your files Craftingwithjack so you know where they came from, they are PU only.


  1. Great page and you certainly did have a hectic week. (Sorry to hear about your canary) And my goodness Angela, how many husbands do you have? ;-D Thanks for the freebie.

  2. Well I had to laugh! I meant to type my husband's parents (now amended) as I only have one husband!

  3. Sounds like you had a very busy time Angela. And of course after all the company comes all of the reorganization again (when my parents used to come to stay I would spend the next week or so trying to find where they put things away lol). Thanks for the lovely freebies.

    1. Oh my goodness...was so into the story of your week I forgot to mention how beautiful your last page for your journal is...fabulous job :D